100% Organic Bamboo Washcloths

Why Bamboo?

  • Bamboo is earth friendly and ecologically healthy to use.
  • You have found the perfect washcloth for all your delicate needs, from ages 0-99+.
  • These washcloths can be used by anyone in the family as they are very soft and won’t irritate the skin. Even people with eczema have used and enjoyed these washcloths.
  • Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and allergen resistant. These qualities of the bamboo plant carry over into products made with bamboo fiber.
  • Bamboo is naturally pest and fungi resistant, so it does not need to have pesticides, fungicide and herbicides sprayed on it during growth. This not only keeps chemicals from the fibers, but it also keeps chemicals from being sprayed into the environment.
  • Bamboo does not need to keep getting replanted. It is a type of grass and when it is harvested, it immediately begins to grow again – anywhere from 2-24 inches in a single day!
  • Bamboo crops use far less water than cotton crops – about one third of the amount of water!
  • Bamboo is super soft and feels good against the skin!

100% Organic Bamboo Washcloths

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